Creation and redesign of a website

It is essential for a website to maintain a good design appearance, while being well structured. Our experts guarantee you a website that is optimised from the start, such as Careers And Co, which is perfectly adapted to the various media.

Company website

Company website

A website is a kind of showcase online platform for a company and its activity.

Professional blog

Professional blog

A marketing channel that generates traffic to company websites.

Graphic design

Graphic design is also called communication design. Graphic design is an art.

Web development

Web development is a process that refers to the writing of a website.

Web editing

The job of web copywriter offers the possibility to organise one’s working time.


Webmarketing ensures that the traffic and visibility of a website is improved.


SEO: You deserve the first place!

The natural referencing of a website consists in positioning it well on search engines in order to improve the understanding of its content.

SEO images and videos

Nowadays, search engine technology makes it possible to publish any type of format on a website.

Netlinking and backlinks

In SEO practices, these terms are often used. This is in order to increase the number of links pointing to the same website.

SEO audit

A complete website analysis in order to highlight certain points and list SEO optimisations.



Digital strategies

In this market, digital marketing is a good strategy to take and it is a sure value in its entirety.

Viral content

Viral content

Content that spreads quickly on the Internet. This is a real opportunity.

Mobile first

Mobile first

It is an approach to web design that is optimised for the mobile version of a website.



A person capable of influencing the consumption habits of subscribers.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants

Also known as a virtual personal assistant, it is a software agent at the service of an individual.

User experience

User experience

UX refers to the quality of a user’s experience in a designated environment.

Social Media

Social Media

These web applications allow you to create and publish any type of content.


Your Website In 6 Steps :

The steps to create a website must be followed in order to have good results. Our agency offers you a website that adapts to your needs, presents your image and allows you to differentiate yourself, just like Formation Ressources Humaines.


Web servers

Domain name

Web techniques


Content Management


Website design


Search engines

Website audit

Evaluate your website



The miracle ingredient for your website!

User Experience is essential and an essential ingredient in building trust, making more sales.

In order to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make the most of your products, the User Experience that is going to be offered is decisive. An e-commerce platform must be seen as a product in itself, or a service that will make people want to consume.